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Monday, March 23, 2015

Mod Meetup March 23, 2015!

This is a message by Polo Field: Hey Penguins! Guess what? Today's Mod Meetup is a POLO TAKEOVER!!! Here are the details, peeps! :D Until then... Waddle on! MOD MEETUP! POLO TAKEOVER!!! Laptop or desktop computer required. When: March 23, 2015 at 4:00pm Penguin Standard Time, Server: Fjord. (Because that’s my favorite server!) Host Bio for Polo Field: Story behind their Penguin Name: I was thinking about music festivals at the time. Favorite foot: Curry! Random fact: I love cats. And keytars. :)

…A Takeover…that’s NOT cool Polo! Try another Party theme next time! What about a save the Environment Party? That would be AWESOMELY COOL :)

Club Penguin Fun Stuff :)

Updates soon: Sled Racer App Video Sneak Peek :)

This is a message by Polo Field: Hey Penguins! The rumors are true! Get ready for a whole new level of the Sled Racer app. The team is working on some HUGE new updates that you've been asking for. Here are some of the extreme features we're adding to the game:

* Log in and earn coins: By popular demand, you'll now be able to log in to Sled Racer, and earn coins to purchase items in Club Penguin and the Club Penguin app.

* Power-Ups for Members: You asked, and we listened! The new version of Sled Racer will give paid members the chance to use extreme Power-up items, like the new Toot Blaster ;)

* Leaderboards: For the first time in Club Penguin mini-game history, Sled Racer will have high score leaderboards! Each week, players will compete to get their name to the top of the charts.

Get ready to meet your first opponent:

The new Sled Racer updates will be coming to iPhone, iPad, and... Android devices! Yay! Until then... Waddle on!

…Thanks for the info Polo! Sled On…LOL :)

Disney Club Penguin Sled Racer Sneak Peek picture :)

Club Penguin Easter Egg 2015 :)

Top Cau has made an Easter Egg this year too and it’s available to buy in Lojas Americanas stores in Brazil or order online from them :) I LOVE chocolate and I would LOVE to have this candy egg BUT sadly I’m not in Brazil BUT CONGRATS to you that are :) Club Penguin Easter Egg Milk Chocolate 90g comes with a Club Penguin Penguin toy, 2 Treasure Book items and 1500 virtual coins :) Ovo de Páscoa Club Penguin Ao Leite com Brinde :)

…Here is a bigger picture of the Penguin on a Snowboard Toy (NO HELMET!?! That’s NOT Cool!!!)

…Here you can see how Club Penguin Easter Egg 2014 looked like :)

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