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Thursday, March 26, 2015

More Wild Puffles Adopted by Saraapril :)

Earlier today I adopted 4 Wild Puffles and now I have adopted 9 more so I have one of each color :) Let me introduce you to my new cute and AWESOME family members: Green Rabbit Puffle named Gogreen :)

…Red Rabbit Puffle named Longears :)

…Pink Rabbit Puffle named Marshmallow :)

…Blue Raccoon Puffle named Happyday :)

…Orange Raccoon Puffle named Speckled :)

…Pink Raccoon Puffle named Kindly :)

…Purple Deer Puffle named Freckles :)

…Red Deer Puffle named Rednose :)

…Blue Deer Puffle named Summersky :)

…THANKS Sasquatch for my new family members :) We will come and visit your often and you are ALWAYS welcome to visit us as often you want :)

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2015 CHEATS :)


Oops! Someone at Disney Club Penguin posted a Portuguese post on the English “What’s New” blog…BUG! UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

Tracking PH Puffle Party 2015 CHEATS Portuguese Servers :)

Here’s some tracking PH CHEATS for the Puffle Party 2015 :) Thanks Gajotz for these tips on when and where to meet the Puffle Handler on Portuguese Servers :)

…All times are in Penguin Standard Time :)

Friday, March 27, 2015
12 pm, server Friaca

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
7 am, server Avalanche

Thursday, April 2, 2015
2 pm, server Cristal de Gelo

Puffle Party 2015 Sneak Peeks and Preparation :)

How to Meet PH during Puffle Party 2015 CHEATS :)

More soon…

Penguin of the Week Fifi Bella 5 March 26, 2015 :)

This is a message by Daffodaily5: Hiya! If there's an art to being a great party host, then Fifi Bella 5 is an artist! She's warm and welcoming, an amazing igloo decorator, and always makes sure her guests have a good time. Brill!

Do you have a friend who should be Penguin of the Week? Leave a comment and tell us why! Byeee!

…CONGRATS Fifi Bella 5:) I LOVE your cozy decorated igloo and cute hairstyle :)

See earlier Club Penguin’s Penguin of the Week :)

Club Penguin Times issue 492 :)

Puffle Guides Party Crashed! JPG’s Survival Guide :)

Puffle Guides Party Crashed!

That’s one BIG puffle. By Aunt Arctic — I’m sorry to say the Puffle Lodge launch party won’t be happening after all. A huge creature busted through the wall and ate all the fish cake! And how can there possibly be a party without cake?! PH is on the scene. To the Lodge!

PH says there are wild o’berries, and that points to wild puffle creatures. So we’re all off into the Wilds. Despite the setback, PH is still calling on anyone who wants to become a Puffle Guide. She’s ready to follow the clues into the Wilds, but she needs help. Head to the Lodge to collect the Puffle Guides Badge. From there, brave explorers will follow PH into the Wilds. Be prepared for anything out there. PH is an expert, but traveling with her can be exhausting. Make sure to bring bug spray! There’s nothing worse than mosquitoes buzzing around you while you follow a trail. And maybe some snacks as well. PH might be able to live off what she gathers from the Wilds, but I’d much prefer to have some scones with me. I look forward to hearing about what discoveries PH and the Puffle Guides are able to make. Puffle Party 2015 CHEATS :)

JPG’s Survival Guide :)

JPG once wrestled a sabre-toothed fluffy. By JPG — Heading to the Wilds? Then you better be ready. Here’s what you need to know:

• Respect nature. Don’t litter. I’ll know.
• You can make jetpack fuel from hot sauce and red o’berry juice.
• Don’t trust your eyes. The Wilds are tricky. Like the sabre-tooth fluffy.
• Go with a partner. Unless your partner is gonna wander off looking for his rubber ducky.

If you get in real trouble, make a fire or shoot up a flare. I’ll be doing recon from the air. But it better be an emergency.

Island Rumors :)

ATTIC STORAGE HIDES TREASURES - By Rumor Reporter – Have you visited the Mystery Attic above the Lodge? This new room is bursting with curious trinkets from Club Penguin history. But there are some items even your well-informed rumor reporter can’t place. There’s huge footprint, a map to some kind of island, and a picture of a landscape I don’t recognize. What does it all mean? Are these things all tied together? Tell me where you think these items are from and maybe we can figure it out!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until April 1, 2015 Puffle Guide Badge Pin and Pi Pie Pin :) Next pin hidden: April 2–15, 2015

Newsflash :)

Explore the island and enjoy Puffle Party favorites like the obstacle course at the Rink and the zoo at the Dock!

Ask P.H. :)

What happened at the Puffle Lodge? – Badge Stitches
I’m still trying to find that out!I reckon it musta been a HUGE puffle that smashed up the wall and then ate the fish cake. At first I suspected ol’ Herbert, that awful bear. But I found wild o’berries in the Lodge, and that makes me suspect a wild puffle creature. Except, what kinda puffle could eat that much fish cake? I don’t know yet, but I’m raring to find out. Until we discover what puffle did this, we’re going to hold off on the launch party. Puffle Guides, to the Wilds!

Catchin’ Waves :)

Oh my! This is quite the funny drawing. I adore the expressions on both the surfer and the shark. This is a good reminder to everyone---be careful when playing Catchin’ Waves. Wiping out isn’t the only danger! I wonder if this shark could be related to the Megalodon sightings we’ve had near the Iceberg. I’d love to hear about your inspiration for this drawing, Tech70. Have you met a shark while surfing? I do hope he was friendly. Thank you very much for sending this in. It’s delightful to receive art from our readers. – Aunt Arctic

Secrets Classified System Defender!

By Gary the Gadget Guy - Agents, hone your skills in System Defender. Training now will increase our chances of success against future computer bug attacks! Here are some instructions designed to maximize your score. When bots attack, remember the three C’s:

• Cannons: build cannons quickly.
• Colors: use different colored cannons. Red is fast, yellow has range, and purple is slow but effective.
• Corners: take out more bugs by placing cannons on all corners.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 491 :)

Puffle Party 2015 CHEATS :)

HURRAY! The Party I have waited for is HERE!!! Disney Club Penguin Puffle Party 2015 :) Join the Expedition to the Wilds at the Puffle Party on now until April 8 :) On this Guide and Tutorial post I will help you find all the FREE item and hidden secrets for this Party :) Waddle On! Here starts the Walkthrough…

PH: Crikey! The Puffle Lodge party was crashed! The fish cake is gone and there's a great big hole in the wall! Saraapril: OH NO!

PH: Hmm. There are wild o'berries all over. Can you help me find the giant puffle that did this? Take this backpack in case we need to explore. Saraapril: Okay PH I will do my best!

…Clicks on Backpack icon in upper right corner…PH: This is an expedition backpack where you can hold one piece of food. Saraapril: Okay PH Thanks for the info :)

…That must has been a GIANT Puffle to make that BIG hole in the wall OR…Hmmm…stepping through the hole and…

…WOW! It’s beautiful here :) I already like this unexplored part of the Club Penguin Wilderness :)

PH: Crickey! I saw a puffle in those bushes. Let’s find some food to bring ‘em out. Saraapril: GREAT idea PH I will go and search for food right now :) Takes path to the right…

…There are TONS of food and items here :) I will start to pick up the sandwich and bring it back to the tree table…

PH: Alright, tap on the table to put food there. Saraapril: Okay…Done :)

Rookie: Whew. I was starving. My rubber ducky has run off and I’ve been looking for him all day! Saraapril: Hi Rookie I’m so glad that you liked the sandwich :) Hope you find your ducky soon I will keep an eye open for him too! Time to pick up another item and…

PH: Good try. But that’s a normal o’berry. We need to find wild ones. Saraapril: Okay PH I will try again :)

PH: We’ve found rabbit puffles! Members can adopt them. Saraapril: COOL! And EVERYONE can collect the FREE White Rabbit Hat item and Club Penguin members can also collect the White Rabbit Hoodie :)

…If a non member tries to collect a member item they will get this AD message: This requires a paid membership. Members can: Collect exclusive items like the Puffle Guides Outfit. Dress as a wild puffle creature with the wild puffle hoodies.

…I’m so HAPPY that we now can Adopt the Puffles from the Puffle Wild App here in Club Penguin :)

…Choose a color! How can I choose? They ALL so adorable cute! Close eyes and clicks randomly…

…Ready to adopt your new healthy, happy Puffle? Saraapril: Yes! Yes! I will call her Cutienose :)

…Adopt Certificate: This certificates that Cutienose was adopted by Saraapril on March 26, 2015 :)

…Hugs Cutienose :) Let’s work TOGETHER and find MORE items and place them on the table :)

…If a non member tries to adopt a Wild Puffle they will get this AD message: Wild puffles require a paid membership. Members can: Adopt all the wild puffle creatures available. Go on walks with them and dig for treasures. Bring them to their igloo or into their backyard.

PH: Huh. I reckon a pinecone is way too spiky to be food. Saraapril: LOL…not if you are a squirrel :)

PH: Hmm. The puffles might not be interested, but I sure am. That’s going in the Attic! Saraapril: The stone puffle artifact indeed looks interesting! Clicks on OK…

PH: We’ve found raccoon puffles! Members can adopt them. Saraapril: AWESOME! And EVERYONE can collect the FREE Green Raccoon Hat item and Club Penguin members can also collect the Green Raccoon Hoodie :)

…The Raccoon Puffle didn't appear…BUG! I will go home and leave Cutienose with her new siblings and then come back and try again…

…HURRAY! It worked! Leaving the room and then go back is a solution for this Puffle didn't show Bug!

…Choose a color! Saraapril: My trouble is that they ALL are so AWESOME! Who wants to be called…

…Trouble? The Green Raccoon…LOL :)

…Time to explore the left path…

PH: A white puffle might like ice? Hmmm. Doesn't look like it. Saraapril: I will find something else…

Gariwald VIII: Mmm.The smell of coffee has summoned me! I say, that is finely roasted. Good day! Saraapril: AHH! For a second you SCARED me! Bye Old Uncle Gariwald have a nice day :)

PH: We’ve found deer puffles! Members can adopt them. Saraapril: YAY! And EVERYONE can collect the FREE Red Deer Hat item and Club Penguin members can also collect the Red Deer Hoodie :)

…Choose a color! Saraapril: Oh dear time to choose again…WAIT! A HAPPY Black colored Puffle!?! MUST HAVE :)

…Welcome to the family Deardeer :)

Rockhopper: This not be Rockhopper Island. I be completely lost! Thanks for the cheese, matey! Saraapril: Hi again Rockhopper welcome back to Club Penguin :) Aunt Arctic will be so HAPPY that you are here again :) Asking Aunt Arctic: Where is Rockhopper?

PH: Oh, wild puffles aren’t used to marshmallows. Saraapril: Okay, I will see if I can find something else :)

PH: Bonza! The rare unicorn puffles! Members can adopt them. Saraapril: HURRAY! And EVERYONE can collect the FREE Yellow Unicorn Hat item and Club Penguin members can also collect the Yellow Unicorn Hoodie :)

PH: Oh! What about FISH!? There’s a rod back at the Puffle Lodge. Saraapril: GREAT Idea! Whoever took the fish cake probably LOVES Fish :) BUT first I will adopt…

…Glossyhair the cutest unicorn girl EVER :)

…Fishing rod located :)

PH: You got it. Now let’s get fish from that pond in the Wilds. Saraapril: Yes let’s :)

…For FUN I‘m holding an OLD fishing rod item in my hand BUT you don’t need to do that just click on the pond and…

…place the fish on the wood table :) Sasquatch: MORE SCALY FOOD! Mmmm! So filling! Click on OK…

PH: Yeew! It’s the sasquatch! Poor bloke looks real hungry. Maybe he should keep the fishing rod. Click on OK…

PH: Here ya go. You can fish all you want. But why are you so hungry? Click on OK…

Sasquatch: The sasquatch biggest in Family. We eat o’berries, but the sasquatch hungry! The sasquatch eat scaly food. The sasquatch sorry. Saraapril: That’s okay, I’m so HAPPY to meet you again and that you now don’t need to go hungry anymore :) Wilderness Surprise!

...PH: You solved the mystery! It wasn't a puffle that made that hole, it was the sasquatch all along. Only a true Puffle Guide could have made it this far. Saraapril: Thanks PH this was FUN :)

…EVERYONE can collect the FREE Puffle Guide Hat item and Club Penguin members can also collect the Puffle Guide Hoodie :)

…THANKS FOR THE FUN Club Penguin I LOVE this AWESOME Adventure :) Now I will waddle around and explore the rest of this Party and then I will adopt MORE Puffles :)

Puffle Party 2015 Sneak Peeks and Preparation :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

How to meet PH during Puffle Party 2015 CHEATS :)

When to find PH Puffle Party 2015 CHEATS English Servers :)

Club Penguin Times issue 492 :)

Tracking PH Puffle Party 2015 CHEATS Portuguese Servers :)

More Wild Puffles Adopted by Saraapril :)

FREE PH Puffle Wild Background 2015 :)

PH Tracking tips Puffle Party 2015 CHEATS Russian Servers :)

Where to meet PH Puffle Party 2015 CHEATS French Servers :)

Spy Phone message from Director March 26 or 28, 2015 :)

How to find PH Puffle Party 2015 CHEATS Spanish Servers :)

Old Cocoa Bunny Ears FREE Code :)

More times to meet PH Puffle Party 2015 CHEATS English Servers :)

Payday in Club Penguin April 1, 2015 :)

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Club Penguin Times issue 493 :)

Fishing Rod Pin CHEAT Club Penguin :)

Favorite Puffle creature - Penguin Poll :)

Spy Phone message from Rookie April 2, 2015 :)

Saraapril Games - HAPPY EASTER 2015 :)

Guided Tour of Puffle Party 2015 :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Club Penguin Times issue 494 :)

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