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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Earth Month 2015 - Penguin Poll :)

It's Earth Month! How will you make a difference? Help clean my neighborhood :) Plant flowers, a garden, or a tree :) Help clean a beach, creek, or riverbank :) Walk or bike instead of driving (I guess you mean walk or bike instead of riding in a car :) It’s too icy to bike yet but I will help my Grandpa with his greenhouse and also pick up trash if I see any :)

…This is how the poll looks like right now :) You can vote too on YOUR favorite answer :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Poll :)

Guided Tour of Puffle Party 2015 :)

Oops! The Disney Club Penguin Puffle Party 2015 is almost OVER and I haven’t done the Guided Tour yet…Hurry! HURRY!! The Tour starts NOW!!! Welcome :) Here on the Map is the Puffle Wild…

…Let’s start our Expedition here :) Welcome to the new Puffle Lodge! Don't mind the giant hole in the wall A huge puffle busted through and then ran back into the Wilds Let's follow it! WAIT…a HUGE Puffle!?! Flips through papers…hmmm…no…don’t spoil the adventure…moving on!

…Here we are at the Puffle Spring :) Welcome to the Wilds! Here we find a fish pond what might lie deeper in the Wilds?

…We have a special safe chat quick messages for this Party :)
Puffle Party!
The Expedition is on!
What happened at the Puffle Lodge?
Let's go to the Mystery Attic!
I'm a Puffle Guide!
Let's explore the Wilds!
What secrets did you find in the Attic?
Join the Puffle Guides at the Lodge!
Let's search for puffle creatures!
It's a puffle takeover in the Town!

…And four special Party emotes :)

…Shhh…Here is the Wild Puffle Reserve be quiet so you don’t scare away anyone! Wild puffle creatures roam here. Keep your eyes out for them we might even see a unicorn puffle! This table is their feeding area so don't leave your snacks there…

…Let’s explore the Western Forest :) In this part of the Wilds we can see the puffle creatures' habitat and the foods they eat like coffee?

…And the Eastern Forest :) In this part of the Wilds we can see the puffle creatures' habitat and the foods they eat like pinecones?

…Party Jokes :)
What do you call a puffle with a cold? A snuffle!
Why did the puffle cross the park? To get to the other slide!
What's cute and fluffy and jumps a lot? A puffle with hiccups!
What do you call a puffle in space? Lost!
How do puffles like their dinner? O Berry well!
What pet makes the loudest noise? A trum-pet!
What do you call a sad border collie? Melan-collie!
When is a vet the busiest? When it's raining cats and dogs!
Why did the cat drink his water fast? To set a new lap record!
How do puffles eat spaghetti? With their mouths!

…And that’s the tour of the AWESOME Wilderness :) Let’s take a look at the rest of the Party :) Here we have the Ski Village Race down the Ski Hill or check out the EPF that's Everyday Phoning Facility of course Puffle creatures can be adopted in the Wilds just through the Puffle Lodge!

…From now on the decorated rooms are old and the Tour Guide is NOT updated for the Party…BUG! Beach…



…Town…AHHH!! The BUG is erasing my Puffle Marshmallow…RUN!!!

…At least for now we are safe from that Bug here inside the Coffee Shop…

…Clothes Shop…

…Snow Forts…


…The Plaza…

…An up to date message! None BUG Alert…LOL :) This is the event of the year! Put on your best clothes and bring your puffles It's time for them to strut at the Puffle Gala!


…And that’s all for this Guided Tour :) During this Party you can earn the Explorer Stamp and PH is around :)

Puffle Party 2015 CHEATS :)

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