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Friday, May 29, 2015

EPF: Nothing to See Here...

This is a message by Deamama: Hey friends, I've heard a few people asking where Herbert's been lately and some rumors about the Director putting together some classic secret agent training exercises.

Everybody here thinks being a secret agent is a Perfect job on this island. For sure the team loves secrets... and agents. But what do you think? Do you think we should be worried about Herbert? Let us know in the comments. Waddle on

…Tips: If you click on F in Deamama’s post you will get this secret message from Anonymous: Classified Info, Secret Agents only! Agents. Learn this spy code. Training starts soon. The island needs agents to be prepared for whatever comes next. As always, be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready. F.I.S.H Secret Agents Handbook :)

…I think we should be worried that Herbert is freezing and feeling left out! Let’s work TOGETHER to find a way to make him feel included, warm and Happy here on Club Penguin Island :)

PSA - Penguin Security Agency!

Herbert P. Bear!

The Handyman item is available :)

Prize for EVERYONE: The Handyman hat item 100 tickets is now available :)

Tips: Don’t forget to do The Daily Spin :) Today I won 100 tickets :)

Fair items to earn 2015 :)

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