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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Spy Phone message from Dot June 18, 2015 :)

Secret Agents need to take a beak from work sometimes too and right now Flare and I are having FUN telling jokes and playing in the Puffle Park slide :) LOL…What a silly joke, you’re so funny Flare :) Look! A spy phone message indication…

June 18, 2015


The skills from the training missions will always be useful. Where do you think I learned how to make disguises out of anything?

…Hmmm…good question! I have to investigate that Dot :)

See earlier Spy Phone message from Rookie :)

Rockhopper Climbs a Mountain :)

These news is posted by Aunt Arctic from the Club Penguin Times:

Me hearties! Here be another tale o' me faraway travels. I reached the island from me treasure maps, but the booty be buried at the top of a mountain. Who be the barnacle-butted scallywag burying treasure that high?! I be having to climb the slippery slopes, with the wind blowin' as hard as a hurricane. It almost sent me flying off the cliffs! Arrr! It be far too high up for any proper pirate. Not that I be afraid of heights, or anything... And even if I be afraid, and I NOT be—I want me treasure more. No foolish mountain will get between me and the wheel of potent cheese. Avast! I be so hungry, I'd eat that cheese even if it be cursed! —Rockhopper

…You find these news about Rockhopper in the Club Penguin Times issue 504 :)

When to meet Gary the Gadget Guy CHEATS Portuguese Servers :)

Here are times when we can meet Gary on Portuguese servers :) Thanks Gajotz for these Gary tracking tips :)

…All times are Penguin Standard Time :)

Friday: June 19, 2015

1 PM, on server Deu Branco

Monday: June 22, 2015

1 PM, on server Avalanche

Tuesday: June 23, 2015

7 AM, on server Friaca

…On this post are MORE tracking tips with times when and where you can meet Gary in different servers and languages :) Meet Gary the Gadget Guy June 2015 CHEAT :)

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