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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Wheel of Potent Cheese – Club Penguin Times :)

These news is posted by Rockhopper from the Club Penguin Times:

This be the thrilling conclusion to me adventure, mateys! I'd climbed the blasted big mountain, and I be finding me wheel of potent cheese in a buried treasure chest! I be so hungry for some stinky cheese, I be eatin' the whole thing at once! It be the most deliciously fragrant cheese that I ever be tasting. It almost be worth climbing so high to get it. And to think me treasure maps said it be cursed! Bah! That be nothin' but a tall tale to scare away pirates. And mice. Now that I be back on the Migrator, I be feeling a bit odd... It probably just be the climb up the mountain. It not be good to be away from the sea air for so long. Time to be sailing set! Err...I mean...I be buckling swash... Avast? — Rockhopper

…You find these news about Rockhopper in the Club Penguin Times issue 504 :)

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