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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rockhopper in Trouble? (Sadly YES!)

This news is posted by Rumor Reporter for the Club Penguin Times: Is anyone else concerned by Rockhopper's last message in a bottle? I don't think that Wheel of Potent Cheese was very good for him. This may just be wild speculation, but what if that cheese was so cursed that Rockhopper forgot the way to Rockhopper Island? Or to Club Penguin? Let's keep an eye out for our favorite pirate captain!

…GREAT idea Rumor Reported! Let’s do our best to SAVE Rockhopper from Disney’s Inside Out Takeover!

…You find these news in the Club Penguin Times issue 505 :)

Herbert Sketch in the Mirror!

This is a message by Deamama: Hi friends, One of our artists was drawing what he thought Herbert saw in the mirror. And when the team saw this, we all LAUGHED.

If our artists sketch some more famous penguins, who would you like to see most? Waddle on!

…You have very talented artists at Club Penguin BUT I think Herbert sees himself like a misunderstood genius and not mean!

Herbert and Klutzy :)

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