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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Club Penguin Monster Beach Party Sneak Peek Videos :)

A NEW Club Penguin Movie from Factory called "Penguin Monster Beach Party" aired today at Disney Junior and Disney XD in the UK :) It will be on several times during different dates so if you have any of these channels don't miss it :)

...The special is about Jangraha from the "We wish you a Merry Walrus" and her friends preparing the perfect Beach Party BUT when Rockhopper and Yarr bring the iceberg to shore for the snow-cones a giant shark is accidently released...HELP! Gary, Rookie, DJ Cadence, Herbert and Klutzy are in this movie too :) Thanks Hagrid for these Sneak Peek Videos of the Club Penguin Monster Beach Party :)

Jangrah sings in Best Beach Party :)

Click on picture to go to Hagrid's YouTube Channel :)

The Snow Cone 3000 :)

Click on picture to go to Hagrid's YouTube Channel :)

Where's the Ice?

Click on picture to go to Hagrid's YouTube Channel :)

...For unknown reason the Disney Club Penguin Team has said ZERO about this (did they forgot about this special?) BUT I hope they soon will write about it on the What's New Blog and that the Club Penguin Monster Beach Party soon will be available all around the world :)

Club Penguin Videos :)

Saraapril's Home Igloo :)

Home is an AWESOME place to be and the outdoor swing seat is my favorite furniture to read a book in :) ZZzzz...oops! I fell asleep again! Thanks for splashing me awake kind fish....LOL :)

...I LOVE to eat fresh veggies :) This sun warmed tomato is so yummy :) Do you want one Karat? You do and a carrot and an O'berry too :) Okay here you go :)

...Time to make a post...and...Done :)

...HURRAY! TOGETHER we did ALL the Thin Ice levels :) Can I control the up and down keys this time and you the left and right? I can :) COOL! Let's play this game again :)

...See earlier igloo decoration Saraapril's Underwater Cave Igloo :)

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