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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

CP Time Warp #7 Game, Dance Contest :)

This is a message by Meggbot: Dance Contest! Here are some early notes and rough sketches of what the Dance Game started out like. It was released January 2009. PS. The team was SO excited to finally get DJ Cadence on the island so penguins could meet her. That happened in February, 2011. Here's an early description her:

"Passionate singer, epic choreographer... DJ Cadence loves to express herself and be the center of attention, taking the party wherever she goes."

Have you ever met Cadence online?

...Yes I have met Cadence TONS of times in Club Penguin and she is always Energetic and FUN to be around :) You have an info BUG in your text Meggbot! Cadence visited WAY before 2011! January 16, 2009 was the first time I met Cadence online in Club Penguin it was during her  Dance–A–Thon Party for members :)

10 Years Anniversary Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

The Descendants Pin is removed from the University even through it only has been available for a week...BUG? OR let's hope this is done on purpose and that we will get a 10th Anniversary Pin instead :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon...

Club Penguin Times issue 520 :)

Dino Puffles Return! Time Tour :)

Dino Puffles Return!

A blast from the past! By PH — Crikey! It's been a long time since I've seen a dino puffle. They're here for the 10th Anniversary Party, all the way from prehistoric times. The pink stego and the black T-rex are in the Town if you want to see them. They're real beauts.

When the party construction crew needed help with the prehistoric Clothes Shop, Gary the Gadget Guy volunteered to go back in time with the Time Trekker 3000. He brought back all sorts of decorations for the store. But, it looks like he brought back a couple of puffles too! I can't say I blame the bloke. Who could resist these critters? Gary adopted Darwin, his blue stego puffle, from the Prehistoric Party of 2014, so he's got a soft spot for 'em. As pets they're totally ace. They really love a good run through the Puffle Park. It's a lot like the jungles from the prehistoric times. Members can adopt them until the end of the Anniversary Party.

Time Tour :)

Not our usual time travel. By Aunt Arctic — So far, the tenth anniversary has been just delightful. If you haven't already, I highly recommend walking from the oldest party to the newest one. We've time traveled before, but this is a little different.
• 2005 - Start at the Rink and see how it looked at our festive Holiday Party
• 2006 - The Ski Hill is decked out in team colors for the Sports Party
• 2007 - Check out the top of the Lighthouse to catch some vintage Summer Party decorations
• 2008 - You have a couple choices for this year, but the Book Room above the Coffee Shop has really spooky décor
• 2009 - See the extra-colorful Snow Forts from our first Puffle Party
• 2010 - The swashbuckler style of the Forest is from one of our Island Adventure Parties
• 2011 - The Ski Village has been lively for the whole party thanks to the Casa Fiesta and the Music Jam room
• 2012 - Grab a bite in the deliciously decorated Cove from the Temple of Fruit party
• 2013 - After all this walking, relax at the beach in the Plaza
• 2014 - Go all the way back to the past with the Clothes Store from the Prehistoric Party

Upcoming Events :)

Oct. 22 Halloween Party What spooky surprises await us this year?

Nov. 5 Penguin Style Catalog Your first chance to spy the newest fashions.

On Now: Giveaway Calendar—A new item unlocks every day until Oct. 21!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until October 14.
Next pin hidden: October 15–28

Newsflash :)

Early holiday presents in the Sled Room! Help deliver them all over the world!

Ask Gary :)

How can I learn how to fly? – Eye Shadow
Hello Eye Shadow. Flying is one of the greatest dreams of penguinkind. That's why the jetpack is so great! It lets you fly all over the island, at least for a little while. I've attempted to solve the fuel shortage problems several times, but the answer has eluded me. You can try out flying by going to the top of the Lighthouse. You'll find the Jet Pack Adventure launch pad there.

Model #2999 :)

I want to build some robots. How did you build yours? – Notta Bare
A fellow scientist? Greetings! Well, building the robots was an exciting scientific process. I started with some old robot models that had a few... bugs. Then, I drank several cups of coffee. After a night of frantic tinkering, I'd ironed out the most dangerous glitches. I programmed the robots to act like the original penguins. I've printed my schematics above in case you need any help with your own designs. Best of luck, fellow science adventurer!

Secrets Classified Garianna's Gold Puffle :)

By Gary the Gadget Guy - In 2013, we discovered a mysterious magic book. Turns out, it belonged to Garianna, an ancestor of mine who created potions of astounding potency! But, perhaps even more surprising, Garianna had discovered gold puffles long before us. It was a clue in her book that led us to find them in the Gold Mine. We don't know much about Garianna's gold puffle, not even a name. It must have gone along with her on her magical adventures, though. I hope to someday learn more about my ancestor and her pet!

...See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 519 :)

More soon...

Lantern item available October 7, 2015 :)

HURRAY! The BUG is now fixed and the Lantern item is now available :)

10 Years Anniversary Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Party invite: Chatt-TEN Anniversary Party :)

This is a message by Chattabox: G’Day Penguins I can’t believe it’s been so long since I partied with all my penguin pals! Time flies when you’re having fun, and shopping to get fashion ready for Spring in Oz. We’ve had some sunny weekends here since Spring began, so I’ve been enjoying those, taking care of my puffles and trying out new and awesome foods! What have you guys been up to? Let’s taco’bout it at the ten year anniversary party I’m holding this week! There have been so many AMAZING parties but one of my favourites would have to be the Tennis Party of 2014. (image Bug)

Bring a puffle with you and we will reflect, catch up, dance, sing and much, much more. Let’s meet at the Cove on the Down Under server on Thursday, 8th October. Here are the times:

* 4pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time

* 6pm New Zealand Daylight Time

* 10pm Penguin Daylight Time on Wednesday 7th October for everyone over in the US and Canada

* 6am on Thursday 8th October for my pals in the UK

Waddle on!

...Thanks for the party invite Chatta :) Can you please ask the Club Penguin Team to fix the image Bugs? There is one on the What's New blog and then two on your post...Thanks in advance :)

10 Years Anniversary Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Lantern item can't be collected BUG!

The Lantern item should be available now BUT due to a BUG it can't be collected! Hopefully the Club Penguin Team will fix this problem soon...UPDATE: Lantern item available October 7, 2015 :)

10 Years Anniversary Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

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