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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

CP Time Warp #14 The Shadow of Scorn...

This is a message by Meggbot: For the 2012 Medieval Party, the team came up with this great teaser on our homepage! The shadow of Scorn would fly across the island and then disappear, so you had to pay close attention to catch a glimpse.

From the archives, here's the history of Scorn:

A menacing and domineering dragon. He provides a villain for the Medieval parties and a great plot device for traditional quests. Inspired by Smaug and Sher Kahn. Both of these stories (see below) establish Medieval as another time period, but one which we don't use the Time Trekker to get to. Scorn generally doesn't threaten the present-day island (or may not even exist there).

Once upon a time, the lands of Club Penguin lived in peace and harmony. They were separated into many different kingdoms: dragons of Dragon Peak, the Fairies and Forest Folk of the Fairy Woods, the Wizards of the Mushroom Kingdom, the penguins of Royal Village, and the Guardians of the Sky Kingdom. Then, one dark day, a mighty beast appeared in the skies. He was Scorn, the Dragon King, and with his evil magic he plunged Club Penguin into darkness Now the lands of Club Penguin cry out for a band of Heroes to gather together, unite the kingdoms, and defeat the Dragon King once and for all!

Scorn was defeated by a group of heroes at the top of Dragon Peak. Peace was restored to the five kingdoms of Club Penguin.

...Here you can see the Dragon Shadow on Club Penguin Home page animated and here is animations of how the Dragon King Shadow looked like in the game! Here is the story of Scorn How to Scorn the Dragon King and the Battle Scorn the Dragon King VIDEO :)

10 Years Anniversary Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Anniversary Balloons Pin CHEATS 2015 :)

HURRAY! We have FINALLY got a pin for the Club Penguin 10th Anniversary and it's hidden here at the Town :)

...You have found a (an) Anniversary Balloon Pin Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please and THANKS :)

...This is how the 10 years Anniversary Balloon Pin looks like on my Player card :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Pin :)

How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Pin Tracker :)

The Anniversary Bots are MALFUNCTIONING!

The The Anniversary Bot characters we have right now during the 10 years Anniversary Party in Club Penguin are malfunctioning! Their eyes are green and they move as they are on the edge to collapse!

...Their Tour Guide messages are affected too! Aunt Arctic-bot:

...This is NOT GOOD! Uncle Gary you shouldn't release any inventions in version 2999 and you shouldn't have answered the question in CPT from Notta Bare! The Halloween Party 2015 will indeed be SCARY!

More soon...

Club Penguin Times issue 521 :)

Bots going bonkers! Rockhopper's Plants :)

Bots going bonkers!

Not quite a 3000 model yet... By Aunt Arctic — I'm getting tips from all over the island. The bots that Gary designed are giving penguins the creeps. Party-goers say the robots are messing up the recorded lines and saying eerie things. We're in the final week of the Anniversary Party, hopefully no one gets too spooked.

Gary is reviewing his designs and examining the robots, but he can't figure out why they would act this way. He said, "There is less than a 1% chance all of the robots would have this error at the same time." Something strange is certainly going on here. I've seen the Rookie bot, and the look in its eyes is quite unsettling. Stay alert as you explore the island, readers. I think there's more to this story...

Rockhopper's Plants :)

Not exactly a green thumb. By Captain Rockhopper — Do ye know the story of the 2009 Adventure Party? Why, it be a favorite tale of mine. It be a Tuesday, those many years ago, and I be arriving on Club Penguin with a hold full of marvelous plants. Well, I thought they be marvelous. They turned out to be a bit monstrous! They be growing all over me ship, and all over the island.It not be a bad party though. There even be a snowball-eating flower that grew big and then burped! Har har! I never thought I be having so much in common with a plant. Ye can go see it now in the Tree House, right by the Forest. Happy adventuring, me hearties!

Upcoming Events :)

Oct. 21 Item Calendar Free items for only one more week!

Oct. 22 Halloween Party Spooky and sweet party rooms return on Oct. 22!

Nov. 4: Winter Snow & Sports Catalog —The Rink returns along with the winter sports items!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until October 28.
Next pin hidden: October 29–November 11

Newsflash :)

Team Red or Team Blue? Dress in your colors and race down the Ski Hill!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

What is the oldest game on Club Penguin? – Icy824
Hi Icy824. It's great to get a question about the island's history during the Anniversary Party. The first game was Hydro Hopper, which is still available at the Dock. Before Catchin' Waves, dedicated surf fans would compete to get the most coins or go the furthest. There are still lots of fans of the game, though. It's a great feeling to finally master the jumps and swings! Now is the perfect time to give it a try. Just be ready to hang on tight!

Fan Art by Peladogys :)

By Dot the Design Gal — This is a great little outfit, Peladogys. It's simple and just perfect for a summer day. I love to see fashion drawings like this. I do sketches like that when I'm coming up with new looks. Keep designing, and send me any more drawings you have! Lovely Style!

Secrets Classified Candlestick Secret :)

The Book Room is decorated just like it was for the Halloween Party of 2008. But it goes deeper than decorations. If you search around, you can find a candlestick holder that opens a SECRET door! Follow the passage to discover the monster-making lab from that same Halloween Party. You can dress up as a mad scientist or the latest creepy creation!

...See earlier newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 520 :)

More soon...

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

We have got a new picture added to the Disney Club Penguin home page...OH NO! The Anniversary Bots are MALFUNCTIONING! Halloween Party October 22 - November 4, 2015 BEWARE THE BOTS!

Club Penguin Details!

More soon...

Project: Super Secret Sneak Peek... ARR Mateys! There Be a Pirate Ship!

This is a message by Meggbot: Ahoy Penguins! We be givin' ye another sneak peek into Project: Super Secret! And if ye missed our last couple o' sneak peeks, you be finding them here:

* Project: Super Secret - Express Yourself

* A Little Look into Project: Super Secret

The team be thinkin' about what Rockhopper's new ship be lookin' like... check it out matey:


What ye think? Let us know in the comments! Waddle on

...The ship looks GREAT :) BUT I'm afraid that project super secret going to be the end of Club Penguin as we know it!  What is Spike Hike up to?

10 Years Anniversary Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Tour Guide 10 Years Anniversary Part Club Penguin :)

Right now we have the 10 Years Anniversary Party in Club Penguin and as you can see the Town is decorated for this event :)

...and so is the Coffee Shop :) If you want to see the Guided Tour for these two rooms you will find them here :) Let's start the historical tour of Club Penguin at the...

...Halloween 2008 decorated Book Room...SPOOKY...

...Tour Guide-bot: Don't let this cozy setting fool you there was no place to hide during the Halloween Party of 2008.  Penguin Fact: There's a secret door in this room. To find it, you'll need to light the way!

...I remember this! Click on the light to open the hidden door and... have find the Secret Lab with Gary's invention the Monster Maker 3000!

...Tour Guide-bot: This lab showed up during the Halloween party of 2008. It's the perfect spot for your new creation.  Penguin Fact: The strange creations were made in the Secret Lab have long since left the island... probably.

...COOL! The Dance Club is decorated as the Summer Party June 2006 :)

...Tour Guide-bot: Get down to the sounds of Summer Party 2006! This classic room asked the question: Why swim when you can dance? Wooo!  Penguin Fact: The beach was officially opened during the 2006 Summer Party.

...I LOVE Christmas and here at the Holiday Party decorated Lounge I have had so much FUN TOGETHER with Friends :)

...Tour Guide-bot: Ho ho whoa! Penguins got special access to Santa's workshop during the Holiday Party of 2011. Penguin Fact: In 2011, Coins for Change donated 2 million dollars to charities.

...It's always so MUCH FUN to help Santa delivering presents from his Sled :)

...Tour Guide-bot: This sled has been delivering joy and presents since the Holiday Party of 2009. If you're afraid of heights... don't look down. Penguin Fact: The sled runs on Christmas cheer and rainbow puffle farts! Santa’s Sleight Adventure Guide Tour :) ANIMATED!

...This is how the Clothes Shop looked like during the Prehistoric Party 2014 :)

...Tour Guide-bot: This nice hair salon. Must behave. No smashy-smashy. They say this from Prehistoric Party 2014 but that silly. This not year 2014. Penguin Fact: Gary deciphered caveguin. "Ooga booga" means grumpy. Or scary. Or maybe month?

...AWESOME! The Dock's decorations are from 2007 :)

...Aunt Arctic-bot: Welcome to Camp Penguin everyone! Enjoy a fish burger picnic at this lovely outdoor grill from the Camp Party of 2007.

...HURRAY! The Beach is filled with FABULOUS Flowers and plants :) This Adventure Party from 2009 is one of my Favorites :) Adventure Party Scavenger Hunt ANIMATED :)

...Sensei-bot: I feel a great calmness here. Originating from the 2009 Adventure Party, this peaceful place teems with life. Perhaps I should journey from the Dojo more often... such discovery is food for the spirit.

...I LOVE Puffles and Puffle Parties and the Lighthouse is decorated for the Puffle Party 2014 :)

...Tour Guide-bot: WOOF WOOF MEOWWW those were the sounds of the Puffle Party 2014 as dog and cat puffles joined the island.  Penguin Fact: The dog and cat puffles stowed away on Rockhopper's ship to reach Club Penguin!

...At the Beacon you will find the Summer Kickoff Party 2007 :)

...Tour Guide-bot: This Summer Kick Off 2007 room was the spot to be for sun tanning. Catch some rays or take a relaxing jet pack ride.  Penguin Fact: The rare Blue Lei was last available during this party.

...The Sports Party 2006 is featured at the Ski Hill :)

...Tour Guide-bot: Red Team or Team Blue? This was the choice during the Sports Party of 2006. What are you waiting for? Grab a sled and goooooooo!  Penguin Fact: Sled Racing is one of the original Club Penguin mini-games!

...Playing Music TOGETHER is FUN and here at the Ski Village the Music Jam 2011 is brought back :)

...Cadence-bot: This Music Jam 2011 room is a wicked place to start your career. Grab an instrument and play for the crowds outside the Casa Fiesta!

...I LOVE to throw confetti at the Casa Fiesta :)

...Tour Guide-bot: The conga line starts here! This rocking joint from Music Jam 2011 was an all-day dance party!  Penguin Fact: In 2011, twenty penguins formed a dancing conga line here. Can you beat their record? Casa Fiesta ANIMATED Music Jam 2010 :)

...I LOVE the simple but AWESOME decorations at the Ice Rink from the Holiday Party 2005 :) Let's play "how to get the snowman in the goal" TOGETHER :)

...Tour Guide-bot: It doesn't get any more vintage than this! The Christmas Party of 2005 was one of the first parties. It led the way for all our future fun!  Penguin Fact: The Santa Hat made its first appearance here.

...The Puffles at the Snow Forts that are having a FUN snowball fight  TOGETHER is back :) This is how this room looked like during the PUFFLE PARTY 2009 BUT that's not the only year we have had this PUFFELASTIC decorated room :)

...PH-bot: G'day mate! Can ya guess why this is a favorite room of mine? Right-o, it's all the puffles. They love a good snowball fight!

... Time to Feed-a-Puffle :)

...Tour Guide-bot: O'berries? More like Throw Berries, am I right? This room from the 2001 Puffle Party is the one that every puffle wanted back! PUFFLE PARTY 2009 IS HERE :) Free Item Member Room and Secret Effects… and Puffle Party 2010 CHEATS and Guide :)

...OH NO! The Plaza is taken over by the Teen Beach Summer Jam AD Party!

...Rookie-bot: The 2013 Summer Jam was totally tubular! Or maybe circular?  Either way, enjoy the sand and surf from this hot party!

...I did like the Epic Wave :)

...Tour Guide-bot: This gnarly wave rolled in for the Summer Jam of 2013. Better grab your board and ride! Penguin Fact: During the party, DJ Cadence stopped by to share some tunes and shred the waves. I met Cadence in Server Abominable :)

...The Highway not so much!

...Tour Guide-bot: Drive away on this strip of highway from the Summer Jam of 2013. This was a favorite spot for penguins who wanted to feel the wind in their hair. Penguin Fact: Penguins without vehicles are welcome!

...MERRY WALRUS 2014 EVERYONE :) The Mall is festively decorated for it :) Merry Walrus and Coins for Change 2014 :)

...Tour Guide-bot: Get your last minute shopping done at this Merry Walrus 2014 party room! This was such a popular spot that the Mall became permanent in 2015. Penguin Fact: These are the first (and only) escalators on Club Penguin island!

...The Pizza Parlor is decorated by Ninjas :)

...Tour Guide-bot: In the Card-Jitsu Party of 2013, ninjas would stop here for a bite to eat. Penguin Fact: Sensei came across one of Club Penguin's most dangerous villains at this party: Tusk! Card-Jitsu Snow Party CHEATS :)  Card-Jitsu Saga “Sensei and Tusk” VIDEO :)

...The Forest during the Island Island Adventure Party 2010 :) :)

...Rockhopper-bot: Yarr, this spot be close to me heart. A wee inlet to toss off yer boots and rest yer sea-soaked toes. Island Adventure 2010 they called it, and it be a sweet adventure indeed.

...I LOVE this upgraded Tree House :)

...Tour Guide-bot: This pirate tree fort comes from the Island Adventure Party of 2010. Throw a snowball at the pale red plant to watch it grow!  Penguin Fact: Throwing a snowball is never a bad idea on Club Penguin island. Adventure Party 2009 - More Effects and Tree House Tour Guide 2009 :)

...This is how the Mine Shack  looked like during the Pi and Pie Day Party in Club Penguin 2015 :)

...Gary-bot: This is where we celebrated Pi Day 2015. While math is exciting on its own, we supplied pie to enhance the experience! What is your favorite kind of pie? Apple, peach, or 3.14?

...The Medieval Party 2013 was so MUCH FUN and this is how the school looked like :) During this Party I wrote several stories BUT due to lack of time only four got posted The weak Villager - Once Upon a Medieval Time :) and The Old Ogre Dragon - Once Upon a Medieval Time :) and The Black Unicorn Puffle Challenge - Once Upon a Medieval Time :) and The Wish - Once Upon a Medieval Time :)

...Tour Guide-bot: Abracadabra! Remember those words they'll be on the test. Gary taught young witches and sorcerers at this wizardry school during the Medieval Party of 2013. Penguin Fact: This party introduced Gary's magical relative: Garianna!

...Be carful! This is the Wizard's Library!

...Tour Guide-bot: Cramming for an exam on Slime Brewing 101? Work on your wizardry in this Medieval 2013 room. Penguin Fact: If you messed up a potion during this party, you'd get turned into a puffle chicken. Oops!

...The Cove is decorated as the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit 2012 sadly this party was FILLED with third party advertising!

...Dot-bot: The Temple of Fruit was all about feeding fruit to a hungry volcano. And the reward? Smoothie Smash! You might not have even noticed me at this party. I was testing my lemon costume.

...During the April Fools Party 2008 the Iceberg was decorated as an ice bucket and in Disney Club Penguin's test server we turn into Puffles and TOGETHER with Billybob we had so MUCH FUN :) April Fool’s Party and CPIP April’s Fool Party :)  

...Tour Guide-bot: Whoa... umm...? This room appeared on April Fools 2008... we were as confused by it then as we are now.  Penguin Fact: If you drop a raisin into soda water it will bob up and down. 

...That was all for this Tour BUT if you like to waddle down memory lane and want MORE you can take a look in Saraapril in Club Penguin archive (you find it at the bottom right at this blog) Right now with this post included there are 11222 post there :) Have FUN :)

10 Years Anniversary Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

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