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Monday, October 19, 2015

CP Time Warp #19 Operation Blackout!

This is a message by Meggbot: This is an amazing story we love because it's a reminder about how awesome our CP audience is and how important it is to listen to them! Did you know that Operation Blackout was actually the result of someone accidentally seeing some scribbles on the office whiteboard? And here's a bit of random history:

“Operation Blackout” came about as we were doing the year's planning on a white board. We used the phrase “Operation Blackout” as a bit of a joke, to block out time for the dev guys to work on new tech. A pic of the white board accidentally got published and the more we heard kids get excited about this mySterIOus "Operation Blackout", the mOre we knEw... BRRRAaaP? ;;......error 530 unexpected error please call manufacturer BZZZZTTT

...Operation Blackout was indeed a dark, snow filled and COLD time in Club Penguin history and TOGETHER EPF Agents gave all to save our world from Herbert's sunlight and warmth hogging plan! This was the first time we could meet him on the Island and we also learned who the Director is...The Director of the EPF is…VIDEO :)

10 Years Anniversary Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

CP Time Warp #18 Rockhopper :)

This is a message by Meggbot: Over the years, Rockhopper went from being a PARROT to the tall-tale-telling swashbuckler he is today. Here's a look back on the art progression of our favorite pirate penguin, CAPtain RockhoPPer! BEEeeep*... ;;Error code = Null object does not exist. unrecoverable error. goodbye.

...OH NO! It looks like Meggbot is MALFUNCTIONING just as the Anniversary Bots! I must report this to Uncle Gary IMMEDIATELY!

The Anniversary Bots are MALFUNCTIONING!

10 Years Anniversary Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Lavender Bunny Ears item available October 19, 2015 :)

The Lavender Bunny Ears item is now available :)

10 Years Anniversary Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

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