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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Stop the Dot Bot CHEAT!

Dot: I'm all for disguises, but there's a robot that looks like me in the Cove! We've got to shut it down. Go there!

...DANGEROUS Dot-bot FOUND! Click on bot and...

...Dot: We'll need to find my greatest fear---ugly sweaters. Look around other clothes for them. Gary: On the hunt for an ugly sweater? Have you tried the Clothes Shop?

...Let's pick up this sweater and...

...give it to the Dot-bot...AHHH! LOL :)

...Solve the puzzle...Hmmm...

...DONE :)

...EVERYONE can pick up the Old Sweater item and members can also collect the The Dot-bot item Dot: Great job! That robot was no match for your scaring skills. OK...

...The Deactivated Dot-bot is just as useless than all the other defeated bots BUT I have an idea what to do with them :)

...Tomorrow October 26, 2015 another SCARY bot will run around on our Island so if you can please come back and stop it!

Halloween Party 2015 CHEATS Club Penguin!

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