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Thursday, November 5, 2015

How to get the Tinfoil Hat item in Club Penguin CHEAT :)

If you get abducted by Aliens in Club Penguin you will get the Tinfoil Hat item :) Suddenly when I was waddling around a green light came down from above and beamed me up...

...and for a brief moment I was on a space ship that had classic arcade games projected on the control screens...

...and then I was back at Club Penguin again with a Tinfoil Hat on my head!

...This is how the Tinfoil Hat looks like on my Player Card :)

...I wonder who owns that UFO? Whoever that is will he/she/it help us to finally learn how to Tip the Iceberg? IF so what will happen then? Time will tell :)

...Tips: The rooms you can be alien abducted from are Beach, Ice Berg, Cove, Dock, Forest, Snow Forts, Ski Hill, Plaza, Mine Shack, Town and Ski Village! Almost every 5 minutes a random penguin will be beamed up from one of the rooms and here is the route the UFO flies starting 2 minutes after whole hour Snow Forts, Plaza, Forest, Mine Shack, Iceberg, Cove, Ski Hill, Ski Village, Beach, Dock and Town :) Super Tips: If you feel that everyone but you get abducted try an empty server :) UPDATE: Abducted by UFO - FUN with Friends :)

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More soon...

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