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Friday, November 6, 2015

Abducted by UFO - FUN with Friends :)

When I was waddling around in Club Penguin I met Spagetti22 and she hoped to be abducted and get a Tinfoil hat too...How to get the Tinfoil Hat item in Club Penguin CHEAT :)

...Oops! The green light beams me up again...

...This UFO is so COOL :)

...I'm so glad I met you again Spagetti22 :) I will tell you all about my latest abduction :) Tips: Look at the bottom of this post to know when, where and how you can get abducted in Club Penguin :)

...At the Ski Hill some Penguins waited and hoped to be picked up by the UFO...CONGRATS Sloppy Joppy :) Where I got abducted? The first time was at the Ski Village :)

...Evanmueller4 waited for the green beam too :) We had so much FUN talking and then...

...we went to the Puffle Lodge and played Find Four :) Hi Lexjane12 :) I think I got the Tinfoil hat from an Alien! If you go outside and wait you can be beamed up :)

...Good Game :)

...I think the most frequently asked question in Club Penguin today is: Where did you get that hat? You have to wait for the UFO to fly over the room you are in so you can be beamed up :)

...Stardusk 34 is chosen...

...CONGRATS and welcome back :)

...Willam 89 got abducted at the Dock :)

...Hi Yoyosam7 and Gmedal :) One by one we are being abducted by someone at an UFO :)

...The UFO will be over the Town in a few minutes...

...Hi Pinkto4 :) I'm HAPPY to send you a postcard :)

...Sixbatdogs72 got abducted by the UFO!

...CONGRATS and welcome back to earth :)

...Who will be next?

...HAVE FUN :)

...THANKS I LOVE Ice-cream :)

...Bye for now Friend :)

...Thanks for the FUN :)

...And THANKS to ALL FRIENDS I have player TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :)  I hope you ALL soon will get abducted and get your Tinfoil hat :)

FUN with Friends :)

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