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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Party invite: International Ninja Day and meet Sensei :)

This is a message by Megg: Hi Penguins! It's International Ninja Day but there's just one problem: How can I party with a ninja when they're so hard to find? I know you all love sneaking in the shadows, but now's the perfect time to show yourselves. Our video editor, Ninja, will be visiting the island on desktop computers at the following times:
* 11:00am PST on the server Fog
* 2:00pm PST on the server Sled
Or, how about starting your own celebrations at the Plaza? It would be great to see your best snow, fire, and water moves! That's sure to make Sensei smile! I heard, he may even make an appearance on desktop computers as well! You can try finding him at these times:
* 10:00am PST on the server Cloudy
* 3:00pm PST on the server Northern Lights

Hey, wait just a second! Why does Ninja get his own day but there's no Megg Day? Hmm, maybe next year? :D Waddle on!

More soon…

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