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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Club Penguin Times issue 533 :)

The Good Dinosaur at the Clothes Shop! Rockhopper Weighs Anchor :)

The Good Dinosaur at the Clothes Shop!

Costumes for Arlo, Butch, and Spot. By Dot the Design Gal — Trend Alert! Don’t be too sad about putting those fancy festive holiday styles away, because the latest and greatest trend is here: Outfits inspired by The Good Dinosaur are sweeping the runways!

That’s right! New looks inspired by The Good Dinosaur are in the Clothes Shop for members. I’ve got my flippers on the pulse of what’s hot for the New Year. What I’m hearing is that it’s all about expressing yourself—even if that means stomping around and roaring!Members can pick up an Arlo look to express if they’re feeling helpful, optimistic, or if they want to try the herbivore lifestyle for size! Or, they can don a Butch costume for a rugged or intimidating look. Finally, if they want to showcase a brave and adventurous spirit, a Spot costume might be the perfect way to start 2016!Whatever you decide to throw on this season, make sure you’re wearing it with a smile.

Rockhopper Weighs Anchor :)

Happy sails to our pirate friend. By Rockhopper — Ahoy mateys! It's been a fantastic holiday. The loot you gave to Coins for Change is a thing of wonder. Though your generosity warms this old pirate's beard, it be time for me to go. A new adventure awaits! Yarr and I be going beyond the horizon to lands unknown, past the edges of the map! Now mark me words, mateys, it be a dangerous journey through uncharted territory! And I'm sure I'll battle perilous storms, invisible squid monsters, and maybe even carnivorous squad of crabs. No fear! The Migrator's a fine vessel, worthy of all the salt in the sea. Also, me first mate will protect me! Fair winds!

Island Rumors :)

BEARS AND WOLVES By Rumor Reporter – Wolves and bears have been spotted on Club Penguin! Sightings started in the Forest but are now coming from the Mall. This makes sense, since wolves love a good sale. But what are bears doing there? Maybe they just really like escalators?

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until January 20.
Next pin hidden: January 21–February 3

Newsflash :)

Fashion expert describes caveguin styles as totally Oonga Ooga Whop!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Have you interviewed Herbert? – Shaurya2007
I've requested interviews with Herbert but he's never replied. It's too bad, because I have questions I'd like to ask him. For instance, doesn't he care that he puts so many penguins in danger? How does he keep his fur so white and fluffy? Does he make Klutzy birthday cakes? If you're out there reading this, Herbert, get in touch!

Fan Art by Ashley214 :)

Even her shirt is smiling! By Rookie — Awesome picture, Ashley! You capture so much energy in this drawing. I think this might be how I look when I'm about to dive into the Box Dimension... or a double-decker sandwich. Thanks for sending this in!

Secrets Classified Catchin’ Waves Tips :)

Did you know there are hundreds of hidden surprises around the island? If you would like one revealed, click the folder below... If you don’t—look away!

By Rookie - Surf's up everyone! It's time to hang ten! Shoot the tube! Do a barrel roll! I'm not sure what any of those mean, but I DO have some tips for Catchin' Waves. Surf-alicious!
• Looking to impress the judges? Each one has a favorite trick—so figure what they want to see, and keep doing it!
• Red puffles are surf experts, so bring yours along to get an edge over the competition. They'll help you earn points and coins.
• If you're a member, look for the Silver Surfboard. It's hidden in the Game Upgrade catalog at the Cove.  It'll help you go SUPER FAST!With these tips, you'll be surf-a-nating the waves-ness in no time. Surf's down!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 532 :)

More soon…

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