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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Club Penguin Times issue 534 :)

Alternate Power Discovered! Puffles Love the Backyard :)

Alternate Power Discovered!

Watch out, Gary’s found something energetic! By Gary — Eureka! I have discovered a source of incredible power to repair the UFO! There’s, er, just one minor discrepancy. We’ll have to travel back in time to get it.

Since Herbert stole the UFO’s power source, I’ve been attempting to create a new one. In my testing I made a high-powered hot sauce. Unfortunately, it’s not quite strong enough to jump-start a UFO. Rookie says it’s great on pizza though! I then came to a startling conclusion. It seems the only power source capable of running the UFO would have existed millions of years ago! I’ve hypothesized that ancient meteorites crashing into our planet created a thing called Power Fragments. I’m 89.41% certain that they’ll be compatible with the UFO’s energy intake valve! I’ll get the Time Trekker 3000 ready to go! Just remember to hang onto your spectacles. Last time I lost mine somewhere between the Jurassic age and the 17th century!

Puffles Love the Backyard :)

Wide open spaces for your puffles. By PH — Has your igloo been feeling a wee bit cramped? No worries! Puffles love roaming the Backyard. The wide open space is so relaxing for them. Best part is, you can have all of your adorable critters out there! They’ll have everything they need so they won’t be hungry or bored. You’ll know they’re happy when they hop alongside smiling. And if you got a rainbow puffle, they’ll fart sparkles in appreciation. Ya got any other puffle questions? Be sure to write into the paper if ya do!

Upcoming Events :)

Jan. 21 Dino Puffles Available Puffles from the past!

Feb. 4 Scheduled UFO Launch Prep for launch, on my command.

Jan. 21: Time Trekker Activates—Igloos? Where we're going, we don't need igloos!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until January 20.
Next pin hidden: January 21 – February 3

Newsflash :)

Alien puffles are picking up Club Penguin souvenirs to take home.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Is your pink hat lucky? – Monkeyhorse2
How nice of you to notice my hat, Monkeyhorse2! It’s been with me through good and bad. I’m still very happy, so maybe it really is a lucky hat! I actually wear it because I like the familiarity. It’s been with me ever since I joined Club Penguin. Sometimes Dot designs new hats for me, but they don’t have the scent of coffee and printer ink that I enjoy. I’ve seen many of you wearing tinfoil hats. Perhaps that’s the new style?

Fan Art by Lucky 7 6 02 :)

Rookie is “lucky” to get this. By Rookie — Niiiiiiiiiice work, Lucky 7 6 02! I’m always blown away when people draw me. Art is REALLY hard, but you did an awesome job. Did you know I hang all these drawings on my fridge? I had to buy an extra one just to make room. It’s worked out great, cause now I’ve got space for my triple-decker pastrami sandwiches!

Secrets Classified The Forgotten Future!

By GaryUsing the Time Trekker 3000’s technology, many penguins had visited the year 4014. This was a frightening time where The Ultimate Protobot 10,000 threatened to destroy the future Club Penguin!But we defeated Protobot and permanently changed the future.This was a rare moment when it was important to break the existing timeline. We should prevent damaging the timeline further in our new travels. No stepping on butterflies!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 533 :)

More soon…

Time Trekker at Dock :)

When you login to Club Penguin you will get this message from Jet Pack Guy: We got a lead on the UFO case. On January 21, get ready for time travel. Click on Go there…

…and you will be teleported to the Dock and the Time Trekker :) I wonder what we will be able to learn from history during our journey?Whatever it is I hope it will help the Alien Puffles!

…You will find my Uncle Gary’s “To Do List” inside the Time Trekker: Discover substitute power source for UFO. Calibrating Time Trekker 3000 for distant past. Calibration will be complete on January 21, 2016!

…Here is a link to the very first Prehistoric Party in Club Penguin!

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

The Disney Club Penguin home page has been updated with this Ad: members can adopt Dino Puffles! Prehistoric Party January 21 - February 3, 2016…

…and it’s added as a Login picture too :)

…The emotes has still not been updated after the Holiday and Coins For Change Party 2015…BUG!

Club Penguin Details!

More soon…

Sneak Peek: Herbert’s New Invention!

This is a message by Deamama: Very Mysterious Totally Secret Sneak Peek…I was walking past some of the artists and saw THIS. Intriguing, don’t you think?

…Hmmm…I can see the power supply Herbert stole from the Alien Puffles in the middle of this machine…this is a Sneak Peek of the next part of EPF Operation Crustacean :)

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